Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Internet Radios and Sri Lankan Radio Stations

I have been using an Internet Radio for few months to listen
to Sri Lankan and some other local radio channels from different countries. Even though it works on simple technology and very easy to setup with moderate price tag, I found not many people have heard about it. Not many Sri Lankan radio stations have heard about these appliances and discussions with some of the radio stations has given very positive outcome
which lead them to provide Internet radio friendly URLs. However if you purchase an Internet radio, you will be disappointed with very lesser number of Sri Lankan radio stations which are preloaded with it.

I had to visit each and every radio station website and go through the process of retrieving the URL from the playlists and add them to the web based portal of the Internet radio’s chipset manufacturer’s website.

Now unfortunately there is no way of import and export process which is supported by these portals. However if you know the live stream URL you can add them manually to the portal which takes only few minutes.

For the benefit of everybody who is looking or adding Sri Lankan radio stations to their internet radio I am listing my radio list. You have to copy and paste these to the web portal of the chipset manufacture of your internet radio as " My added Stations" and it will appear on your radio.

Please note you can not copy and paste these URLs to the web browser and listen to them, even though it appears as a web URL works on http. If you would like to test these, you should copy and paste the URL to a software player which could play a network stream (Eg: VLC player) as a network stream and it will work.

Neth FM -
Hiru FM -
Derana -
Nilwala Radio 128K -
3 Sinhala Radio -
Siyatha FM -
Isira FM -
Sinhala Commercial Service -
Swadeshiya Sewaya -
Kandurata FM -
Kiss FM -
E FM -
Moonlight -
TNL Radio -
Sun FM -
Sirasa FM -
Y FM -
Kirula Radio -
REAL Radio -;stream.mp3


Sumedhe Dissanayake said...

Thank you Rasika.

sajith wijesiri said...

Golden FM IP: Port: 8797

වින්දන said...

please anyone can provide "Lakdanda FM"
IP and Port number