Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How to convert fixed satellite C Band dish to rotatable dish? DIY

I had this question in my mind for quite a some time and I have searched the web but without success. So I thought about it, and with a help of my friend Nilanka I have managed to make my eurostar powder coated fixed dish to rotatable semi automated dish. Cost was very minimal compared to a ready made rotatable dish. I thought of sharing the idea with others, so who ever interested can Do It Yourself.
Items used
1. Original 2' ring came with the fixed dish
2. 3'6" Galvanized pipe & 3 metal bars.
3. Old tire rod from my previous car
4. Used universal joint of a vehicle (Used spare parts shops are having these)
5. Adjustable pole which came with the original dish
6. 24” eurostar actuator
7. 2 nos of on/off switches8. 16V 2.5A power adopter ( I got a old laptop power supply)
Weld the universal joint to the center of the 2’ original ring with the use of 3 metal bars

Fix the tire rod to the side of the ring

Fix the adjustable bar, which came with the original dish to the tyre rod and with a clamp fix the other end to the galvanized pipe.

Fix the actuator to the ring. For more info on fixing the actuator, I found following article on the web
Fix 2 switches to a small piece of box and one switch will work as a power on off switch and the other switch will work as polarity change of the power supplied to the actuator motor.

Now with the use of adjustable arm I can control the tilt to the east ( May be 10 degrees in Sri Lanka) and H-H movement through the actuator and those 2 switches.
It moves little slowly so stoping at the correct place is not a proble. ( H-H movement takes 2 mins on 16V, Origianl motor required voltage is 36V).
More pictures.

Special Thanks to Nilanka @
Disclaimer : Above DIY session has been done with the help of a quaified technician for welding and iron works. Please take extra precausions while attmpting this.
Copy Right Rasika Ambepitiyage 2007© from Sri Lanka

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